Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The EVOO produced by Saluté Oliva is cold pressed and qualifies to the stringent criteria of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The oil is pressed on the farm using the latest technology centrifugal decanter. The olives are harvested at the exact right time and are processed without delay for the best possible quality.

The EVOO is a single variety olive oil made of the Italian variety frantoio. Frantoio oil is highly valued for its intense fruity aromas.
A well balanced oil, a delicious addition to everyone’s kitchen.
Commercial business such as restaurants and catering businesses like it for the versatility in cooking as well as the ability to be used as a finishing oil before serving.
Saluté Oliva also offers their EVOO in a cask. The shrink bladder in the cask reduces deterioration by oxygen or light. Not only will the extra virgin olive oil stay much longer fresh, it is also a very clean and convenient way of using it on a day to day base.
The Saluté Oliva EVOO is available in:
250ml and 500ml bottles or 2 lt cask through retail shops
10lt casks for catering business and restaurants