Our Process



The olives for Oil production are mechanically harvested using a modern Tornado shaker. The inverted umbrella ensures no contamination of the olives will occur along the harvesting process. In the shaking process the olives fall into the umbrella and from there directly into the clean cavity of the harvester.

Once this cavity is full the olives are emptied into 1/2 ton olive bins.
Within hours the olives are transported to the processing shed for oil extraction.


A modern 1 ton per hour processing plant is an integral part of our philosophy to produce all our products on our farm, which means short times between harvesting and processing. All steps from the fruit on the tree to the oil in the bottle are under our control.

We make sure you can enjoy a fruity, well flavored extra virgin olive oil with all the goodness nature can provide. The high quality of our process will maximize the shelf life of the oil.



All olives for table olive production are hand-picked and selected for the right size, ripeness, colour, and checked for any damage. Within hours of being picked the olives will have started the pickling process.


Within hours of picking the table olives they are moved into 200lt olive barrels. The pickling process is a natural process using salt brine and a touch of vinegar for the ph control. The olives will stay in these olive barrels until they are ready to be packed. Typically a green Sicilian style olive will stay around 14 month in the barrel before they are ready to pack where the black Kalamata olive will stay around 8-10 month in the barrel before they are ready to be packed.


Our speciality, the Semi Dried olives, are picked at the end of the season when they are very ripe, placed into perforated bins with salt and carefully monitored until the aromas and bitterness are in balance.



The organic certified extra virgin olive oil is packed into dark green bottles or casks using our inhouse filling machine. The dark green bottles and especially the casks are preventing the extra virgin olive oil from oxidizing as it is protected from light. The cask also has the advantage that there is no air entering the bladder during use keeping the oil longer fresh than any other packaging solution on the market.

All pickled olives are packed in our commercial kitchen. We either pack them in jars or pails in brine or in our extra virgin olive oil. The olive pouches are packed using a vacuum packing machine. The pouches are easy to handle and they come in convenient sizes and have a long shelf life without the need for cooling.